Patrolling my Bug Out Location

Here is my Bug Out Location in the back of a fifteen million dollar estate in Northern VA. I don’t own it, I am just security.

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25 Responses to “Patrolling my Bug Out Location”


    What a great place to patrol in.
    And get paid while doing it.

  2. Gorntz says:

    Thanks Joe. Looks like your flat bow is coming along well.

  3. fallout5555 says:

    your bugout location is a golf course?

  4. Gorntz says:

    It could be, if you don’t mind playing in cow poop.

  5. nicko978 says:

    what a nice place to get to work!

  6. sunfloweroutdoor says:

    Is that the DR650SE I have been shopping for a duel purpose bike and would love your opinion.

  7. Gorntz says:

    Living at work does have it’s drawbacks.

  8. Gorntz says:

    It’s acually a DRZ400SM. I am a Supermoto, or Supermotard man.(use as search term for some great vids). Wheels are smaller, upsidedown forks etc. Come with street tires but I have Dunlop street/dirt racing tires. I’m ready to upgrade to a KTM690SM or SMR(non spoke). I do a lot of dirt roads but ultimatly your on pavement 90% of the time. The 990 will smoke most street bikes. Ducati’s is the Hypermotard and Buell has the Ulysses…continued…

  9. Gorntz says:

    I considered a big wheeled Kawasaki KLR650, but would rather have a, mostly street, supermoto. I think there is not much difference between the Suzuki DR650 and the KLR650, except the fairing is bigger and doesn’t move with the forks on the Kawasaki.

  10. Ghostkamo says:

    Plenty to work with there. Everything needed for a long term bug out.

  11. Gorntz says:

    Four springs, two ponds (stocked), bordered by a major creek. Unfortunatly, it is so close to the DC area that I fear it would be inundated by refugees after an event.

  12. Ghostkamo says:

    That’s the one drawback of a farm close to a large city. Most people will will not be able or willing to hit the bush but, a farm can be attractive. You may need ways to intimidate or scare off intruders.

  13. radiorepair says:

    Another great video. You have inspired me to do a video on my A/O! The comment from fallout5555 is priceless!

  14. AirsoftFeRever says:

    You could get like 500 survivors in there and start a small government.
    With police,milita, and even markets. :))

  15. Gorntz says:

    Welcome to Gorntzstralia!

  16. AirsoftFeRever says:

    @Gorntz LOL or Gorntz City, New Gorntz, or even Gorntz land. lol

  17. 62ACHILLES says:

    Nice but easily accessible. Not really a bug out place when millions will first head for such locations.

  18. Gorntz says:


  19. hinckleypoland says:

    Very nice

  20. Gorntz says:

    Thanks Hinck, It’s a lot of work.

  21. swibo6 says:

    Great place! I like the cruising on the bike footage.

  22. hooya1111 says:

    Very nice. Has that estate been in films before? It reminds me of an estate that was in a film about George Washington, starring Barry Bostwick as George Washington. How large an estate is it? You sure are lucky to work at a place like that, it’s beautiful!

  23. Gorntz says:

    @hooya1111 I no longer work there. I’ve left this video up for the memories. It is 463 acres and the stone house circa 1775, (at the end) was acually used in a old movie of Hansel & Gretel.

  24. fatdan172501 says:

    @AirsoftFeRever that place could hold more than that you could have a few thousand and be good. sounds kinda nice actually

  25. RonRay says:

    Looks like it’s worth a lot more than $15 million. (just the part I saw…)

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